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Socks box design

I want to share a very nice “Pirmas Blynas” project, to which I also contributed – creating the box design. “Pirmas Blynas” is a social pancake restaurant in Vilnius (Lithuania), where persons with disabilities work as waiters and assistant chefs. And now about the project: March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day. On this day, …

Elephant Illustrations

Here are three illustrations of elephants I did. A client wanted something elegant with elephants. So after conversation with her I found out what she likes and decorated elephants with it: floral elements, mandala and dreamcatcher.

WEB design for Gimdos kaklelis

I created Gimdos kaklelis WEB on WIX platform for doctors’ association where they wanted to share information about women’s health, cervix, cervix cancer, HPV viruses, etc. I wanted it to look simple, calm, nurturing but also assuring, because the topic is very sensitive. So there are the colors I chose for the website: How the …

Christmas stickers collection

Christmas stickers

I drew various stickers for 2022 Christmas. It’s for my other project – Childhood Poetry’s Winter collection. Childhood Poetry is a beautiful brand and I’m very happy and proud to be a part of it. My other colleagues and I create products for kids, such as monthly planners with stickers, decorative stickers and much more …

WEB design for Childhood Poetry

Childhood Poetry is a beautiful brand which creates products for kids and I’m very happy and proud to be a part of it.  I created a WEB and e-shop on Zyro platform. We wanted something simple, minimalistic and cozy. 3 main colors was chosen for this WEB: grey, blue and yellow. The e-shop simple and clean:

Monthly planner with stickers for kids

Everything started when one of my friend wrote me a message one day asking if I would like to be a part of team who would create an educational and fun product for kids. She and her other best friend are incredible moms who take educating their kids very seriously. So they were using monthly …

Geometric vintage floral pattern

A simple vintage floral pattern. Organic shapes, various color tones and geometrical layout gives clean, elegant and fresh look. This design also has a little bit of Moroccan vibe, because of it’s geometry and floral motifs. The same pattern, but different color combinations. Here are some products’ pictures with this design. If you’d like, here …

Astronaut turtle and his planet

Cute watercolor astronaut turtle whit the space helmet and his purple-magenta planet. Another design from space animals theme. Here are some products’ pictures with this design. If you’d like, here are my POD sites, where you can purchase items with this design:REDBUBBLESOCIETY6TEEPUBLICZAZZLE