Christmas stickers collection

Christmas stickers

I drew various stickers for 2022 Christmas. It’s for my other project – Childhood Poetry’s Winter collection.

Childhood Poetry is a beautiful brand and I’m very happy and proud to be a part of it. My other colleagues and I create products for kids, such as monthly planners with stickers, decorative stickers and much more are in future plans right now.

This is as we call functional stickers. It is for December month to plan and mark on calendar fun activities like writing letter to Santa, baking cookies, buying Christmas tree, Kindergarten Carnival, etc.

And these are just cute decoration stickers for anything that has a surface.

Stickers for Advent calendar or for Advent gifts. We couldn’t decide which one is better – with colorful background or without, so we printed them both.

And lastly, label stickers.

Also I drew 3 monthly calendars for Christmas collection.

I drew all of these on Procreate and designed in Adobe Illustrator. I’m very happy with the result.

They are available on Childhood Poetry and on Etsy.